Reading Your English Texts Over Summer

By now, most high school students will have been allocated texts for their 2023 English-based subjects. Especially for students in higher year levels, it is essential to read these assigned texts over the summer.

Reading brings countless mental and physical benefits. It can reduce stress, broaden your vocabulary and improve your memory, all of which are invaluable skills for students. There’s no better way to reap these rewards than by reading assigned school texts, which are selected for their literary merit.

For students who are more hesitant about getting started on their 2023 texts, try to set some achievable goals in order to make the task less daunting. For instance, aim to read a chapter or two each day. Or, start a mini reading club with friends and family, where you can check in on your reading progress and begin to analyse the text. Getting started early will reduce stress later on, and ensure that your build a strong foundation for your 2023 English studies.

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Written by Sonia Francis | Founder | Managing Director | Avivo Elite Tutoring