Preparing for the New School Year

As we come to the end of another school year, it can sometimes be daunting to look ahead to next year. Students can ensure a strong start to the next school year by commencing back to school preparation now

Finishing the 2022 school year in a purposeful way sets up a positive holiday break. Make sure you have been through your final examination papers and or assessments with your teacher and tutor. Work through any areas of concern with them so you are confident on the topics before the holidays. Also make sure you are aware of any holiday homework and due dates in Term 1, 2023. Reflect on your goals and achievements and finally clear away unnecessary school materials. Sell books and recycle or dispose of any paper materials you won't need next year.

Purchase any 2023 English texts now to read over the summer break. For language learners, regularly revisiting this year’s vocabulary helps this content remain fresh.

Throughout the holidays, maintain a balance between relaxation and learning. Towards the end of the holidays, set goals for the new school year. Record these in a visible place, such as on the wall above your desk. Complete any preparation tasks and homework in the final week before Term 1.

Read tips from teachers for students on how to kick start the new school year. Here are some additional useful tips for both parents and students on starting the school year.

Check out our Summer Headstart Programme for students wanting to get a headstart on the 2023 school year.

Written by Sonia Francis | Founder | Managing Director | Avivo Elite Tutoring