The Technological Developments Shaping Industries

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic many companies, including Avivo, have been required to utilise technology in order to operate in a safe manner. As businesses begin to reopen, it is interesting to consider how technological advancements will shape industries in a post-COVID world.

During the pandemic there has been a sudden rise in the adoption of digital infrastructure, making it likely that there will be an increase in remote work and study opportunities. Avivo’s smooth transition to online tutoring in 2020 allowed students to continue to receive support during lockdown. In 2021, Avivo is now uniquely positioned to deliver tutoring without interruption to learning in the case of a public health concern.

Online shopping is also gaining popularity and the customer service experience is likely to be streamlined with conversational artificial intelligence and chatbots. In finance, digital options such as online banking, contactless payment methods and branchless banking are on the rise. The healthcare industry is also becoming more accessible, with options for remote care, such as Telehealth appointments, virtual fitness classes and wearable health devices increasing in use. In the entertainment field, virtual events and online gaming are gaining popularity. 

As businesses develop technologically they are likely to experience new challenges and threats. This places cybersecurity as a quickly growing field, which will be critical in ensuring the success of companies and keeping information secure. Other technology jobs that are quickly growing include database administration, software development and mobile app development.


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By Avivo Elite Tutoring

Written 21st January 2021