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Taking one day at a time has become a common mantra of this Pandemic. Our ability to put in place any medium to long term plan has been severely impacted by restrictions, border closures and lockdowns.

Avivo Elite Tutoring is uniquely position this year to ensure there is minimal disruption to learning for all students as evidenced by our ability to move seamlessly from onsite to online during the recent snap lockdown and again back to onsite this coming week.


AvivOnline provides a personalised classroom for each student and their subject tutor. AvivOnline sessions can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime from any device provided you have an internet connection. Each student's classroom is also available at anytime outside a regular session to review work or upload work in readiness for the next tutoring session.

In the coming weeks and months, it is anticipated that day to day life will start to return to a normal pattern which means appointments, school camps, sporting events, weekends away and fingers crossed holidays will be back on the calendar. In addition, there will be a normal schedule of school tests, assessments, SACs, and IAs as well as parent teacher interviews and an increase in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. All of this means daily schedules will need to be juggled once again.

One learning from this pandemic is that simplifying your life can be liberating. So, don't be in a hurry to over commit your diary or your child(ren)'s daily schedule(s). It is going to take a period of adjustment to pick up the pace again. You may find that you or members of your family do not want to go back to the frenetic pace of life before the pandemic. Burn out is a real thing and not just something encountered by adults.

At Avivo Elite Tutoring we are committed to your child's learning journey. Our elite tutoring team are now available on-site and online for your convenience. The Avivo Hub on our website and the Bookshelf on every session reminder email or session note email is where you can self book an extra session or reschedule a session. Extra sessions and rescheduled sessions are via AvivOnline only.

We continue to tutor students throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria via AvivOnline. If you have family or friends who could benefit from our expertise, please do not hesitate to ask them to get in touch as availability fills quickly at this time of the year.


By Sonia Francis, Founder | Director | Avivo Elite Tutoring