Taking a Gap Year in 2021

A gap year is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with past hobbies, which may have become low priority during VCE, and to try new activities. For example, learning a musical instrument, creating art or playing a sport. Learning a new language is a productive and enjoyable way to spend your time and will also prepare you for the possibility of overseas travel in the future.

A practical option is to spend the year working, volunteering or undertaking an internship in order to gain experience, skills and meaningful professional relationships. You could consider undertaking an activity in an area that interests you in order to boost your professional resume. For example, you could also take a short course, such as a Barista course, to learn useful skills before applying to a cafe position.

Despite not being able to travel overseas there is still the opportunity to spend some time exploring Australia or visiting beautiful landmarks here in Victoria. Victoria has a lot to offer, including Hanging Rock, the Silo Art Trail, the Dandenong Ranges and much more.

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 By Avivo Elite Tutoring