How to Enjoy Reading Again

Towards the latter years of high school, many former bookworms fall out of love with reading due to school and extra-curricular commitments. Luckily, there are plenty of methods to aid you in enjoying reading once again.  

Firstly, select bookwhich will engage and challenge youSearch for books similar to those you have previously enjoyedOr, if you haven’t yet found a favourite genre yet, don’t be afraid to experiment. Purchasing secondhand books can be an inexpensive way to try out new genres and find your niche. 

Once you’ve found the right book for you, focus on establishing reading as part of your daily or weekly routine. Goodreads, a free website and app, offers annual personalised reading challenges to ensure you read regularly. Another option to increase your reading motivation is to create a book club. Reading alongside a family member or with a group of friends will not only drive you to read more often, but also facilitates interesting discussions about texts. 

Finally, consider making a 2021 reading plan as part of your goal-setting with your Avivo Elite tutor. Tutors are more than happy to check in on your reading progress, and offer book suggestions based on your tastes and reading level. 


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