Tips and Tricks for Annotating Texts

The initial steps towards analysing a text begin when you first read it, laying the groundwork for your studies in class. This is why approaching each text analytically, and with annotation skills, can benefit your learning down the track.  


Supplement any analytical holiday homework tasks by making your own notes. Simple activities, like noting down the events within each chapter, will consolidate your understanding of the text. Draw on the available resources, through reading the introduction to the text (if there is one) and researching its context. This information will enable you to form a substantiated interpretation of the text, even before class starts.  

When annotating texts, start with a specific method in mind. Assign different highlighter colours to crucial themes, or create a key of symbols to label your observations about the text. Determining a method early on will prove irreplaceable later, as you will be able to quickly navigate through the text to identify important ideas. Join one of our 2021 Summer English Workshops to learn more tips and tricks for annotating your texts.

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