2021 Headstart Programme

Academically and mentally preparing for the new school year can be a great way to ensure that the transition back to school after the holidays goes smoothly and appears less daunting to students.

As the summer holidays draw to an end, now is a great time for students to begin looking ahead and getting a head start on their new subjects. Through reading their assigned English texts, completing set homework, and gaining an understanding of the concepts that will be covered throughout the year, students can ensure that they are feeling confident and prepared.


At Avivo we recognise the value of preparing for the new school year and offer our Headstart Programme (4 tutoring sessions + an assessment module). These sessions allow students to receive personalised support from their tutors, set meaningful goals for the new year and complete preparation tasks for term one. The sessions are designed to motivate students and promote a positive mindset for the year ahead, as well as providing them with key tips, skills and tools for a successful year.

Our Headstart Programme is Available for All Ages
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Primary - Years 4-6